We are making our Icon Reserve Certificates available for all Iconists to create small wallets on the Icon Network and created 5 Icon notes that you can give to friends or keep for yourself. It's super simple. You don't have to log in to use this service.

1) Download or copy front bill address and rear certificate address .
2) Then visit your own Icon wallet and create a new wallet and place 5 ICX tokens in that wallet.
3) Copy your 5 Icon wallet address QR code and save that image.
4) Go to PIXLR below and upload the front. Add a layer and past your own QR Code to your 5 Icon wallet in the bottom right white area. This is you wallet address.
5) On the obverse or rear side, Add the your wallets address in lightened area under the word "Serial". It is something like: "hx5da3ffrtda137c5f6553d1f1a951efbb067165ca2" and will match the QR Code you placed on the front.

Congrats! You just made an Icon Reserve Certificate! Download and print both sides and cut it out and you have a gift that you can give or share with friends and also build awareness of how powerful compound interest is!

6) Download and save your newly minted Icon Reserve Certificate. Share or give it to friends and family, and help them learn how staking works by showing them that 5 Icon staked today will be equal to 8.31 Icon in 3 years via the ICX Stakr Tool.